Demographics tailored to
your restaurant use

We utilize numerous data sources to produce unmatched demographic and competition analysis at no cost to you. This scientific approach enables us to identify and recommend the most optimal location for your new restaurant.

Growth, income, population density, median age and home ownership are just a few of the key demographic factors that we analyze. It is also critical to understand the competition in a given area.

We maintain an extensive database of properties that are constantly updated to ensure that we have the latest market information.

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Our restaurant-focused specialization enables us to produce and implement creative solutions for our restaurant clients. We understand the impact that demographics, competition, traffic counts, visibility and signage have on your restaurant location decision. We know the importance of identifying building alternatives that can accommodate your unique infrastructure, parking, visibility and accessibility requirements.

Comprehensive market knowledge enables us to identify a greater number of viable options. More options produce a more competitive landlord environment which, combined with our strategic negotiation techniques, ultimately yields lower real estate costs for our clients.

Scientific Site Selection

We utilize the most advanced technology and data resources to ensure we have the best demographic information.

Competition Analysis

Accurate competition data is crucial when evaluating properties. We examine numerous resources to verify precise information.

Interpretation of Key Demographic Data

We have the expertise and experience to interpret the demographic information that is critical in the site selection process.


demographic and competition analysis

"Thank you Restaurant Space Advisors! Without your help our restaurant would not have been possible. If you are in the DFW area and are looking for a restaurant location, contact them!"